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AĞIRMAN offers internship opportunities for Commercial/Industrial Vocational High School and University students. The main objectives of the internship system are to offer internship opportunities for successful students studying in such educational institutions as Universities, Colleges, Technical High Schools, and Industrial Vocational High Schools, to increase their professional knowledge during internship, to have them be experienced and disciplinary, and to employ the interns who showed good performance during intership in Ağırman. Our interns are ensured to be raised in the manner that they will contribute to our society, the institution they work in, and the national economy, even though they will be serving in different companies or sectors in their future carrier.

In accordance with this purpose, the relevant departments notify the Human Resources Department about the number and qualifications of interns appropriate to their working conditions. The interns accepted at the end of interviews earn the right to serve in Ağırman.

Applications of university students are accepted in April and can be taken into the full-time internship program in the summer. Applications of Commercial /Industrial Vocational High School students start in July and can be taken into the internship programs during the fall-spring semester of the academic year in question.


My name is Alexis Rocher, I am from Argentina and I am electromechanical engineering student at National Technological University. I joined AĞIRMAN MAKİNA OTOMOTİV CO., LTD. as an AIESEC intern in 2012 and I completed a 6 month internship. The internship itself was a good learning experience, I had a diverse set of tasks, the freedom to set-up and run with my own projects and overall a valuable training as professional. Beyond the cultural, religious and social differences between our countries, the professionalism and warmth of this company allowed me to live a great experience. The company is a very structured and project oriented organization. All people are well motivated and willing to work on new projects, the managers are very pleasant people and atmosphere is very friendly. I was able to work together with very nice colleagues which also helped the learning experience to be high besides the work. In general, there is a very friendly tone of communication among the colleagues, so they can also be friends in this company. Employees exchange their ideas permanently, problems are discussed openly and they support each other quite well. I was treated with exactly the same degree of professionalism and duty of care as regular employees. I had a dedicated person who has ring-fenced time in their work schedule to support me and conduct performance reviews. This person provided me ongoing feedback and conducted a formal performance reviews to evaluate the success of my time with the organization. Thank you AĞIRMAN MAKİNA and its entire staff for giving me the opportunity to live this unforgettable experience.

Yours sincerely,
Alexis Rocher


As a student of (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry) HAYRİ TERZİOĞLU Anatolian Technical High School, I completed my summer term internship in AĞIRMAN between 2-27.07.2012. During this internship, I worked in drilling and tapping machines in the workshop and in vertical processing center, turning and swiss type automat machines in the CNC department. In the maintenance period of the factory, I worked with Mehmet Seyhan who is the maintenance supervisor.

During this period of time, not only had I the chance to learn about many different manufacturing processes, but also I acquired an extensive fund of knowledge, which I could not learn in school, from Mehmet Seyhan such as the functions of machine parts, how they are assembled and disassembled and how maintenance should or should not be carried out.

At the end of this internship, I felt that I was liked and valued thanks to my eagerness for learning and desire to help everyone. I thank Ağırman for offering me a real internship opportunity and everyone in Ağırman for always supporting me.

Yours Sincerely,
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