Each factory is a fortress

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The founder of modern Turkey

(1881- 193~)

As AĞIRMAN employees, we have common values based on the roots of the philosophy of our founder Mustafa Ağırman's work. These working principles will always enlighten our way in all activities within the company from our smallest unit to our biggest organization.

We respect the law.

All our activities are compliant with the law and legal regulations.

Our ethical values are the foundation of our success.

We perform all of our activities with self-sacrifce and within the principles of accuracy, honesty, mutual goodwill and benefits. We never allow any religion, language, race or gender discriminations.

Our customers' satisfaction is the focal point of all our activities.

We approach to the expectations and individual requirements of our customers with permanent solutions that will meet their expectations as soon as possible.

Our most important strength is our human resource.

We believe that the most important factor for continuos success is a working environment where mutual trust and respect, co-operation and solidarity are the basis and where everyone feels responsible and do their part for the performance and prestige of our company.

Carrying our company to the future and supplying our products in highest quality depends on the quality of our employees. Therefore, we intend to employ the best personnel and adult labor force in our company, to highly contribute to the development of promising young people, to obtain the highest efficiency from talents, power and creativeness of all our employees, and thus to become a company that our employees will be proud of and pleased with.

In order to perpetuate our improvement, our aim is to always create sources and to use our sources efficiently and with the right strategies.

We intend to perpetuate our competitive power and guarantee our future, to realize the necessary technological and infrastrucutural investments, to create sources from all our activities for helping the economic and social improvement of our employees and the society, and to avoid extravagancy by combining our small and big savings and by ensuring rational use of all our sources.

As AĞIRMAN, participating in social responsibility projects and developing new projects are our corporate tasks.

We do not limit the scope of our social responsibility mentality to business activities and their effects. We are very happy for and proud of being a part of and being associated with projects that will contribute to today and future of our country, particularly with such Ağırman Institutional Social Responsbility projects as education, social solidarity and cooperation. We believe that vocational schools are a matter of country and are proud of being a part of common studies that will be advantageous for young people studying in these schools. Our aim is to contribute more to our society with the voluntary participation of our employees in different projects.

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