Technology & Production

Production and Technologies;

We are able to support our customers on almost all types of machining processes within the Automotive İndustry.
We are machining a wide variety of products made of steel, iron casting, aluminium etc.
We are using the latest machining technologies on high performance automated lines to ensure a high level of quality, efficiency and competitiveness in all our machined products.
⦁ Milling
⦁ Turning
⦁ Grinding
⦁ Swiss Type Machining
⦁ Laser Marking
⦁ Ultrasonic Cleaning
⦁ Heat Treatment
⦁ Optical Measuring
⦁ Robotic SPC tracking
⦁ Traceability System
⦁ Automatic Tool Management

We bring together services of our expert sub-suppliers.
⦁ Coating (Cataphoresis, zinc, nickel plating, phosphate, polishing)
⦁ Heat Treatment (Vacuum heat treatment, cementation, carburizing)


CAD Modeling:

We enables the 3D modeling and design of parts. This includes creating, editing, or importing the geometry of parts.

CAM Programming:

We used to program machining operations for CNC machines. This involves determining cutting paths, machining strategies, and tool paths.

Simulation and Optimization:

We simulates and optimizes programmed machining operations. This is used to detect possible collisions and minimize machining times.

Tool and Process Efficiency:

We determines the most suitable tool selection, speeds, feeds, and machining conditions. This helps to increase machining efficiency and reduce costs.

Job Tracking and Management:

We tracks, reports, and manages machining operations. This allows monitoring and optimizing production processes.

Production Fixture Design:

We determines the most suitable equipment and materials and designing the fixture to operate at maximum efficiency.

Process Design:

Analyzing the Workflow.
Establishing Standard Operating Procedures.
Improving production by using faster equipment and technologies.
Optimizing quality control processes.
Improving inventory management.
Balancing the production flow.
Implementing the principle of continuous improvement.

CNC Milling

CNC milling services at AĞIRMAN boost productivity and precision, translating to shorter production timelines without sacrificing quality.
By utilizing automated multi-axis machining and CAD/CAM software, we can produce parts to meet your specifications. We have the capacity to handle a variety of your production needs from prototype to short, medium or long run production. For assistance with your next project, contact us or give us a call with your product specifications.

CNC Turning

As a leading manufacturer of precision-machined products across the country, the CNC turning services at AĞIRMAN deliver accurate and affordable parts.
CNC Turning Services – A Fast, Accurate Machining Process
We offer high-quality CNC turning services for many of our customers when it comes to delivering precision parts. Extremely accurate, CNC turning can be used to turn out thousands of components that are each identical. With minimal opportunities for human error, the services we offer give impeccable results, even when a demanding specification is required.

CNC Swiss Type Machining

Swiss machining combines turning and milling processes into a single precision process well-suited to fabricating in automotive components. At AĞIRMAN, we are experts in this type of high-tech manufacturing and are uniquely prepared to handle the small, intricate components that our clients require.
We serve high efficient multi axial swiss type production with single operation.


AĞIRMAN is a key provider of high-performance grinding services for applications with critical tolerances and surface finishes. Originally working specifically in the automotive industry, we have extensive experience in Form and Surface Grinding.

Heat Treatment

We provide induction hardening and tempering process in house to our customers.
⦁ Surface Hardness measurement (0,1 HR ; 0,1 HB)
⦁ Hardness depth measurement (HV-1 – HV10)

Automatic Tool Management

Automatic measurement system of tools:
⦁ Measurement of tools, wth high precision camera (x-z axis)
⦁ Cutting tool wear analysis
⦁ Motorized precision c axis (2 μm spindle runout)
⦁ High repeatability precision (± 2 μm)
⦁ Tool measuring capacity: ø400/700 mm
⦁ Data transfer to cnc with hqr-connect and hrfid-connect
⦁ Automatic tool storage system:
⦁ Product based tool storage and tracking
⦁ Very fast and easy access to the tools
⦁ Minimum stock level control (automatic mail)
⦁ High security. Only authorized persons can take the tools


With the iot system (radius system) integrated into all machines;
⦁ Production planning and stock tracking
⦁ Data entry and management with kiosks
⦁ Online production monitoring with live data stream from all machines.
⦁ İnstant tracking to overall equipment efficiency (oee)
⦁ İnstant tracking skill matrix of all employees

⦁ Datamatrix marking for individual traceability

Tool management:
⦁ Product based tool tracking with matrix tool system

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