Management Policies


With our knowledge accumulated in more than thirty years that we served in the automotive sector, we aim to exceed the expectations of our customers, as well as all our shareholders, by continuously improving our company with high-level human resources and technological substructure.  

In broad strokes, the current expectation of our customers is the delivery of right products of high quality in right quantities to the desired places in accordance with the technical specifications.

In addition to the expectations of our customers, cost and quality enhacements become determinative factors when the competitive market conditions are taken into account. Therefore, we keep our quality level and customer satisfaction at the forefront in all the positions of our company from the smallest organization to the largest one and advantageously satisfy our customers by increasing the level of awareness with effective actions and always inspecting the level of quality and cost of our products within the scope of continuous improvement. Being a preferred company will only be possible by only proving our quality excellence with our products. In order to achieve this, we will satisfy our customers' expectations 100% by using our quality policy and human and equipment resources and production techniques within the scope of total quality principles with the participation of our employees in every level. In order to continuosly improve the activity and efficiency of our company, we will prioritize the assistance of our customers. Our most important assurance for our faith and commitment to quality is the participation and efforts of our highly motivated personnel.

Ensuring the improvement and sustainability of Ağırman quality management systems will be the responsibility of all our employees.


Our quality policy is to achieve quality, efficiency, internal and external satisfaction targets all areas of our business, based on the principles of 'A Powerful and Dynamic Organizational Structure', 'Customer Orientation' and 'Continuous Improvement'.

Continuous improvement

To ensure the highest standards in terms of reliability and quality of our products, to eliminate failures by adopting the appropriate quality system, to do the right thing at the first time, to standardize what we do, and to verify that works are performed accoding to the standards

To adopt the principle of continuous improvement in every link of the value chain, to create values that increase our efficiency and profitability, to practice a simple management and production style throughout our company

To continually improving the effectiveness of our quality systems, thus to fully implement them in all our business processes.

Customer Orientation

To accurately define various expectations and special needs of our customers on time through fast and effective communication and thus to fully meet them

To fully achieve the prescribed quality, cost and time goals

To establish and develop new mutually beneficial collaborations.

Employee satisfaction

To provide self-development opportunities for our employees thus increasing their satisfaction and motivation, and to provide trainings that increase technical and behavioral competencies

To improve our innovative structure that our employees will be proud of being a part of it

To create an easy, healthy and productive working environment

To maximize motivation by benefiting from the ideas of our employees at the highest level

To strengthen the communication inside and outside the company

To guarantee the future, to increase our competitive power

To raise our financial strength by increasing the efficiency of our company

To increase our rate of growth thus also increasing our market share and competitive power

To supply products to new markets
Our goals as the Ağırman family are to produce our products economically, in high quality and on t,me and to fully meet the satisfactıon of our customers, happiness of our employees and profitability target of our company.


AĞIRMAN adopts an environmental management system that includes all the products and production activities, fulfils the expectations of the society and is consistent with our vision, mission and quality policy in all stages of our processes from the demand of the products to their delivery to our customers.

AĞIRMAN intends to follow all legal regulations and other rules for which we are responsible concerning the environmental management,

To take any potential adverse effects of our products and designed processes on the environment into account and to prevent pollution at its source,

To hold the required trainings and meetings for raising an effective awareness on our employees and our suppliers,

To continuously enhance our environmental performance by working in full transparency with our customers, our suppliers, our neighbors, the management of the Industrial Site in which are located, and the public,

To promote efficient use, recycling and reevaluation in all our employees and thus minimizing the consumption of natural resources.

The scope of our Environmental Management System is all activities, products and services of our factory operating at Ağırman Makina Otomotiv Yan San. ve Tic. A.S. Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone N.116. Sokak No: 2 Nilüfer / BURSA. There is no support function available.

In our factory, we manufacture Automotive Machining Parts, Gear Box Parts, Suspension Group Parts, Alternator Support and Various Assambly Parts.

For the production of these products, we have the following production processes within the physical boundaries of our factory:

• CNC Turning (with bar loader)
• CNC Turning
• CNC Milling
• Cutting
• Heat Treatment (Induction)
• Grinding
• Various SUpport Processes (Drill, Threading)

Besides these processes; All departments within our physical boundaries are included in our Environmental Management System.

While determining this scope, internal and external issues, corporate unit, function and physical boundaries, compliance obligations, activities performed and products produced, and our powers and abilities to implement the environmental management system were taken into consideration.

In order to fulfill the compliance obligations of the relevant parties, to prevent pollution at its source, to organize trainings to raise environmental awareness, to continuously improve our environmental performance and to minimize the consumption of natural resources, all powers and capabilities related to the Environmental Management System are defined in the task descriptions.


The purpose of Ağırman's Human Resources organization is to evaluate the human resources in the best way and in line with the company's vision, to prepare and improve the required labor force infrastructure for realizing the targets and objectives of the company, and to have all our employees feel the joy, peace and happiness of being a part of a learning and creative organization by using modern management techniques.


Our information safety policy is to provide accurate and complete information within the scope of authorizations with systems that will protect our informational assets from any potential hazards and with our conscious employees..


AĞIRMAN considers people to be its most valuable asset and adopts elimination of any potential loss and continous improvement as its primary business objective by creating a safer and healthier working environment.

Health of our employees is promoted and injuries and sicknesses are avoided by the participation of everyone involved in the organization and strict compliance with the created occupational health and safety standards.

Ağırman managers are responsible for the occupational health and safety of all the employees working under their management or control. In order to achieve the goal of zero occupational accident and sickness, risks originating from our operations, new products, processes and changes in engineering are identified and evaluated, and such risks are eliminated or brought to an acceptable level through studies. The appropriate skills and competencies related to occupational health and safety are provided for our employees and their awareness is raised through our informational and educational programs.

Such measurements and analyses in the working environment of the factory as the noise level, heat, ventilation, lighting and air pollution are regularly carried out by independent laboratories.


Our goal is to work with the minimum inventory costs and optimum inventory level without compromising on quality and to supply the right product or services on the right time and with the best price.

Both foreign and domestic purchases are compliant with all national and international standards, and the required quality standard documents are requested from the goods and services of our suppliers, considering the requirements of our customers.

After the preparation of quality control reports of the supplied goods and services according to the product acceptance criteria of our company, their final acceptance is made and their cost is paid.

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